Admin/ January 4, 2021/ Wireless energy Transfer

Hello and Happy New Year

As a good start for this New Year, I like to set the tone for what to come going forward. In this video, which is longer then usual, 44 minutes, I demonstrate some very unusual behaviour in the scalar network. With the mindset of Radio engineering and design of an impedance transformer the expected result is outside normality. In fact, we must create a new mathematical formulation for this. Not to spoil the surprise but you are in for a treat. I have created a diagram for the test setup, which you find under research, tutorials and diagrams and datasheets. The video is under movies and Tesla coil functions at the end. Login where you registered and lookup the video. Take your time to view. It is much to process and come back to me when you have questions or suggestions. This is in fact what I measured with all my coil design in last couple of Years. The missing link was the scalar frequency. Now that can be replicated with any two coil systems, I will also introduce now plasma design which did promise a lot of potential in the past. None member can purchase the video for the same price of £2.99



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