1. What access to the website do I get granted as subscriber?

It depends on the level you did subscribe to. The Basic Member can view everything except Movies 
The full Member has access to everything.

2. When can I contact support?

When either a problem on the website occurs or when a questions is not answered by the FAQ.

3. What can I view as None Member or visitor?

You can view all the directories and menu trees but you are not able to view restricted content without subscription or payment of individual content. You can purchase movies with a red button under each movie.

4. What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel any time. Your subscription and membership  will end at of the subscription period.

5. Where can I find diagrams, applications and datasheets of products used in the videos shown?

The link is here: https://vorticesdynamics.com/research/tutorials/diagrams-and-datasheets/

6. Is there a manual how to orientate myself on this website.

You can watch the introduction video from the link below

The link is here: https://vorticesdynamics.com

General questions

 7. Do Tesla or Radiant Energy devices existing

Yes, but they are very expensive and not available off the shelf

8. Can I get off the energy grid today

Yes, There are many products on the market which does allow to be independent from the grid. You need only to spend 10k Euro to replace your 5KW power consumption from the grid. These systems are solar power with storage units either connected to the grid or off grid. For more information talk to government energy advisers.

 9. Why is there now a membership required when there was none before

Providing a quick video about the subject is not efficient and raises more questions than answers. Detailed and intensive research is time consuming and causes a very high financial burden. Open source is an illusion and does not provide anything without funding. Costs are hidden in licenses, copyrights and support. Nothing is for free in our society, only nature works for free, but we are not there yet. Until we are ,I have to focus to investigate in very high detail the technologies and provide answers based on the research. This cost money mainly for all the materials and equipment. The subscription and sponsorship is the only viable solution to fund the expenses and return invaluable intelligence nobody else is providing. By joining you will become a part of this journey.

 10. Can I get your support to work on my project in secret with an NDA

All my work and dedication is reserved to my projects and members only. I offer no one-one collaboration and I also do not work on secret projects outside of the membership. Every information provided to my members or from my members will be shared among the members.