Change of business model

Admin/ October 23, 2023/ Electric Energy/ 0 comments

Hello everybody, As many of you know I have stopped producing weekly videos. The reason is family related for which I have to be more present at the current time. This means for Full Members that I will be available for direct meetings as replacement. This should be a rapport

The Liquid Crystal Aether. Glow discharge Regime. New video

Admin/ November 10, 2022/ Aetherometry

I am happy to announce the availability of the latest video in the Liquid Crystal Aether series. In this video we follow the discharge regimes analysed by the Correas. We us a Neon Sign transformer for that which allows us to gradual increase the voltage from very low levels. A

SG3525A IC to replace signal generator and Half-Bridge IC. New video

Admin/ September 29, 2022/ Electronics

I like to announce the availability of the latest video in the educational series of “Amplifier Design and Configuration”. I test the SG3525A IC as replacement for signal generator and Half-Bridge IC’s. It is a very low-cost solution for our standalone application we require for any energy systems including Electroculture