Amorphous Ribbon Amorphous Metal Strip Metglas

Stock available: 750 m

Sold as minimum as 10 meters for £18 plus package and postage.

Standard delivery for Europe £15.
No International delivery
Length of metglas, Europe delivery

Pure Metglas C-Core

Stock available: 2

This is a high power C-core build with Metglas. The dimensions are 100X50X30 per half. It weighs 1.5 KG. The core is partially varnished and the layers of the core need to be protected. I can add a layer of PE tape if required. Contact me for more information

Standard delivery for Europe is £15.00. C-Core is £ 40.00

PC40 Ferrite ring core

Stock available: 9

This ferrite ring core can handle 1.5 KW and has a high frequency range where it can work.The dimension  is 85X55X15 mm. It is perfect with high efficiency for transformer frequency below 1kHz.

Standard delivery for Europe is £15.00. Price of the core is £18.00.