Amorphous Ribbon Amorphous Metal Strip Metglas

Stock available: 750 m

Sold as minimum as 10 meters for £18 plus package and postage.

Standard delivery for Europe £15.
No International delivery
Length of metglas, Europe delivery

Pure Metglas C-Core

Stock available: 2

This is a high power C-core build with Metglas. The dimensions are 100X50X30 per half. It weighs 1.5 KG. The core is partially varnished and the layers of the core need to be protected. I can add a layer of PE tape if required. Contact me for more information

Standard delivery for Europe is EURO 15.00. C-Core is EURO 40.00

PC40 Ferrite ring core

Stock available: 9

This ferrite ring core can handle 1.5 KW and has a high frequency range where it can work.The dimension  is 85X55X15 mm. It is perfect with high efficiency for transformer frequency below 1kHz.

Standard delivery for Europe is EURO 15.00. Price of the core is EURO 18.00.