Admin/ January 16, 2021/ Wireless energy Transfer

I have uploaded the latest movie of the scalar wave frequency series. We asked if based to the latest test with the Type C coil from Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl a performance improvement is to expect when a larger coil is used. For the test I used coils I used for an experiment 5 Years ago. I have relisted this video also under Tesla coil functions. It is the second video on top on this page with the title “Driving high power low resistance loads”. The same coil is in use for the video today. It is three times the wire length of the type C pancake coil. With this ratio in mind to the Type C coil, what can we expect? Watch this video and tell your friends. The video is under Movies and Tesla coil functions on the bottom of the page. Non-Members and Basic members can purchase the video.


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