Admin/ February 16, 2021/ Application Notes

I like to announce the release of the next video in the scalar network series in the application notes. In this video I have increased the size of the width of the coil but kept the length the same. The ratio between my old tesla coil and the new build one is close  to the range of the Golden Mean ratio. I use the previous build 300 KHz Class E amplifier for that only to realize that this amplifier is not able to cope with the strain above 5 volts to these coils. In case the old Tesla coils left you wonder about the possibilities then watch this video to see where it goes. I want to build another set of coils with the same length but even larger diameter and again to the golden mean ratio that we have at the end a height to width ratio of 1:2.5. For that I had to order more magnet wire and other components from Asia and UK. That might take longer to arrive. In the meantime, I will pick up on a subject for which I had many requests in the past and a current consultancy job. Scalar wave communication. You find the new video under movies, application notes and in scalar networks at the bottom. Non members and Basic members can purchase the video. Do not forget to register the bought content and check your spam folder for that.


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