Admin/ March 16, 2021/ Active Components

I like to announce the availability of next course material video of the Operational amplifier the LM386. With this Op Amp we build our end stage to drive a speaker. It drives 8 Ohm loads and does a fantastic job with my 10-Watt loudspeaker. While all setting from input voltage to signal voltage is at the lowest level, the output is clipping because of the tremendous amplification of  the 10 mv signal. But this is not all. I discovered a feature which is not documented but covered under signal reduction by twisting wires of power supply and loudspeaker. Again, another gem I found for which I will produce a separate video under Movies, the Application Note menu point and Scalar Wave Communication in the next days. Not to spoil the event but I might have found a way to test which construction receives best scalar waves. You find this video under Research and courses in active components. It is only available to members.

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