Admin/ March 23, 2021/ Application Notes

I like to announce the availability of the next video in the series of scalar wave communication. The last week was intensive for me as I was trying to solve many circuit designs issues. This is particularly the case when selecting components for the circuit. I was able to solve them and are now in the position to show you how they must work. This is the case for the audio amplifier, the Class A biased and DC biased full wave envelope detector and the precision dual operational amplifier with integrated envelope detector. You find the video under Movies, Application Notes and Scalar wave Communication at the bottom. Naming the video under Part 6 is intentional going forward to keep operational amplifier designs under the same part number. Non-Members and Basic Members can purchase the video. Just to let you know I just received the quartz crystals, 10.7 MHz for my input filter stage. This is the first part which must be designed, and all other components must be built around them. This includes the transmitter and receiver for the scalar wave communication.

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