Admin/ April 3, 2021/ Application Notes

I like to announce the availability of the latest video on the scalar wave communication series. I decided to use the systems we have built so far and test it in the nature. I use as a start the Type C pancake coil from Prof. Dr. Konstantin Meyl. Together with our TRF radio receiver we get good reception of the signal with only 0.400 – 1.000 Volt PTP from a signal generator.  It does not require currently any power amplifier. That is many orders less than what I had to use with the solenoid coil with also a much smaller footprint. I am confident with the current development I am able now to extend it to 300 meters to the end of our street in the next video. You find this video under movies/application-notes/scalar-wave-communication/ at the bottom. Non-Members and Basic Members can purchase the video.


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