Admin/ June 11, 2021/ Established electricity production systems

I am happy to announce the availability of the latest movie of the established electricity production systems. We compare the Star connection mode with the Delta connection mode. Both modes are commonly used in motor and transformer technologies. The Delta mode is drawing more power but also delivers much more power. During my tests I came across unusual readings of power deliver and power consumption. To avoid measurements error, I tested with many available true RMS voltage and current meters. To a certain point it looked like the BaseTech power consumption meter was not able to calculate inductive loads correct but then I was completely without words what I saw and needed to think if that is right what I measure. The Variac as inductive load has a much higher power draw at no load connection. This changes the closer the voltage goes to the mains voltage. Rest assured there is a great puzzle which need to be solved. I thought at 50 Hz and mains power unusual readings should not occur. I was mistaken. You find the video under movies/established-electricity-producing-systems/. The video is available for purchase to No Members and Basic Members. The video is 42 minutes long.

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