Admin/ August 24, 2021/ Performance Evaluation

I have produced a new video for the educational sector under research. Now I compare the Class C amplifier we all use with the Half bridge of conventional design and my proposed solution of a pull – pull Half Bridge. While we all have our fair share of obstacles to get a half Bridge working my proposal will feel like a breeze of fresh wind. The simplicity of my design has been after much research not picked up by anybody. As in my previous video mentioned we avoid all issues a normal Half Bridge configuration has. It might also not come as a surprise to you that it performs also much better at least to the current setup I used of a conventional Half Bridge configuration. This was without the help of specialised half bridge drivers. You find the video under research/courses/electronics-design/high-frequency-amplifier-for-scalar-wave-systems/. This video is only available to Basic and Full members.

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