Admin/ November 19, 2021/ Antigravity Effects

I like to announce the availability of a new video in a new series called Antigravity Effects under movies. I was asked by participants of the APEC conference (Alternative Propulsion Engineering Conference) to investigate. The main issue here is that most processes are difficult to replicate in terms of fabrication, materials, and energy requirement. I started also in education by looking into the Slayer exciter which was used by Alexey Chekurkov. Now we look at the whole concept of his idea. Technically this idea is not from him but from Otis. T Carr, Tesla, based on the “Hutchinson effect” and based on the “Searl effect” and the Tibetan for using sound to levitate. This first part will give you an overview of how to build it and what you have to lookout for. I did already spend a couple of weeks on it tweaking and optimising the design that it works reliable and dealing with the high voltage and power provided. You find the video under a new menu point under movies. /movies/antigravity-effects/. The movie is available for Full Members. None Members and Basic Members can purchase the video.

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