Admin/ December 21, 2021/ Antigravity Effects

I like to announce the release of the latest video in the Investigation of antigravity effects series. In this video I investigate the ball lightning effect and some of the features it has. This operation is not without danger, and I do not recommend replicating without safety precautions. The GMR or Graphite Microwave Resonator is an exceptional phenomenon where under normal atmospheric pressure and without any inert gas a ball lightning effect is created inside a microwave. This however is not easy to achieve and requires many prerequisites to work. In this first part I have some amazing results to show and hope that delivery of components I ordered arrive before Christmas. If not, I want to wish you here already a Merry Christmas. You find the video under /movies/antigravity-effects/. This video is available to Full Members. Non-Members and Basic Members can purchase the video.

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