Admin/ January 27, 2022/ LENRs

I like to announce the availability of the latest movie in the LENRs series. Here I was already testing various electrolyte solution and came across one which did create exploding bubbles. I then created a new electrolyte and added all camera and monitoring functions, rather then me telling you what I see, as I recorded while I did perform tests.
The use of Borax, is, as I thought, the culprit for the explosions. The expected plasma requires a refined electrolyte solution which will allow us to light up the top of the Anode in our experiment. At this stage I do not measure temperature anomalies as the liquid is heating up from the red glowing electrode reaching over 1000 degrees Celsius. The video is under /movies/low-energy-nuclear-reactions/. Non – Members and Basic Members can purchase the video.

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