Admin/ May 8, 2022/ LENRs

I like to announce the latest video in the LENRs series. Here I apply my enhanced process of the Tadahiko Mizuno procedure. It also shows if there is hydrogen bonding responsible for heat increase as Fleischman and Pons described it. Looking at it logical and believing that might be the case I just gave the system what it needs, more hydrogen. The setup has now changed. We heat 1.5 Litre, not insulated and losing heat very rapidly. From 80 degrees Celsius down to 46 degrees Celsius in 1.5 minutes. As a heads up 1 gram of liquid requires 4.18 Joules per second to increase by 1 degree Celsius. 1.5 Litre need 6270 Joules per second or 6250 Watts/second. You find the video under /movies/low-energy-nuclear-reactions/. Non – Members and Basic Members can purchase the video.

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