Admin/ June 11, 2022/ Electrolysis

I like to announce the availability of the latest video in the Electrolysis series. I received my manufactured plates for the Dry-Cell I wanted to build. I compare the purchased 21 Plates with the prototype 47 plates. The dimension of my plates is 12 X 12 cm versus the purchased one of 10 X 10 cm. Both dry-Cells are connected in parallel for testing. I use a 12 Volts 80 Amperes power supply. The electrolyte is 0.2 moles, and the power consumption of the purchased Dry-Cell is for this weak electrolyte 5 Amperes. How much power and HHO gas does my build Dry-Cell require and produce? You find the video under /movies/electrolysis/. Non-Members and Basic Members can purchase the video.

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