Admin/ January 17, 2018/ Electric Energy, Magnetism

I like to kick of a new testing series where I investigate in more details about this interesting phenomena. I move away from the transformer performance over to the ferrite performance. In this way the winding has only one function and that is to saturate the core and the transistor. Also note based on my extensive testing with transistors currently used in any circuits that only the one I use is performing that way. The load is also unusual as it has power ratings I cannot confirm.  I mean under normal condition, DC, the power consumption does not reach 10 mA at 3 Volt. Any tick more volt and I blow the LED. Many LED’s added in series do technically reduce load requirements based on voltage drop and internal resistance. My results in this configuration does state the opposite. Only the power supply on the input is confirming that based on Ohm’s law and Kirchhoff’s law.
You find the video under Youtube here
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