DC power sources and the ripple factor, New Video

Admin/ September 1, 2021/ Electric Energy

I like to present the educational video about DC power sources and the ripple factor. Here I go into more details what power supply to use and the issue of ripple for your application. While it is easy to see that just rectifying mains AC should be the smartest way,

Resonance in biological entities part 3, New video

Admin/ August 13, 2021/ Electric Energy

I give you an update of the current Electroculture project. I move from the Highvoltageshop.com pancake coils to Professor Konstantin Meyl’s pancake coils. I will start with a test script and follow the guideline outlined in his book Documentation of the Scalar wave technology. We experienced heating problems with the

Resonance in biological entities part 2. New video

Admin/ August 7, 2021/ Electric Energy

I have released the second part of biological entities for the webinar members. Here I focus on simplifying the use of devices. We require a power supply and various voltages. This can be achieved by using very low-cost bare bone power supplies and voltage step up and down converters. The

Class E amplifier driven Tesla coil

Admin/ November 20, 2020/ Electric Energy

I have uploaded the latest video of the Class E amplifier lecture. This time I drive a Tesla coil. This video should be linked under Movie as alternative energy project but it is also about learning how to do it first. Only a handful of people did ever build a

Class E Radio frequency amplifier simulation and build

Admin/ November 16, 2020/ Electric Energy

After various simulations and tests I am happy to announce the release of the video about the build Class E amplifier for a target frequency of 500 KHz. I have added under data sheet and diagrams a new section of Inductors where you find the core I use for the

Class E Radio frequency amplifier and simulation

Admin/ November 7, 2020/ Electric Energy

In short succession I like to announce the availability of the next video in the calculation, simulation, and experimentation series. The famous Class E amplifier. I did replicate simulation and calculation from a beginner’s guide which I made available on my website. I have also added a section to walk

Class A versus Class D amplifier power analysis and simulations

Admin/ November 5, 2020/ Electric Energy

Hello I have made available the next video under the category calculations, simulations and experimentations. I compare the power efficiency of a Class A amplifier to a Class D amplifier. The power analysis is done in spice and all files are available for you to download under Diagram and datasheets.