Admin/ February 13, 2018/ Radiant Energy

I am happy to announce the release of my new series of the new generation of coil design. This design was mentioned by Tesla but not explained in details. I hope you saw the video on Youtube where I advertised this new series. I will go to the bottom of possibilities and I can say the possibilities are endless. This is the first part with diagram and the use of two signals to demonstrate what many tried before without success. I can prove that it is true that with only potential we can align current from the environment and merge it to the output or load. The radiant energy concept becomes very obvious and this with very low voltage nobody did before. What we know from Tesla coils is achieved with high voltage. Here however I use low voltage and it works as well. Tesla mentioned million of cycles to be successful and I have to admit he was right. You find the link direct here. Or under Movie the new submenu NG Coil Design.
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