Admin/ February 1, 2019/ Atmospheric Electricity

I am proud to present the third part of the series Atmospheric Electricity. Here I go through the subject to store the electrostatic electricity in a capacitor. This is an example what we face when we deal with atmospheric electricity but also Radiant Energy. They are related and presented in Tesla’s patent. Some of the results might sound familiar to you but some will be new. I also use a special spiral coil as capacitor which adds to the charging speed by removing a couple of seconds. The Wimshurst machine in test is only an example and are not of interest here. We have to deal with what we get and make the most of it. When we send a balloon in the atmosphere than we have to think about improving the performance of the source power. The video is available to all metal members. from Bronze to Gold Member. The video is available on all websites under atmospheric electricity or the direct link here
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