Atmospheric electricity, part 3

Admin/ February 1, 2019/ Atmospheric Electricity

I am proud to present the third part of the series Atmospheric Electricity. Here I go through the subject to store the electrostatic electricity in a capacitor. This is an example what we face when we deal with atmospheric electricity but also Radiant Energy. They are related and presented in

Atmospheric electricity, part 2

Admin/ July 6, 2018/ Atmospheric Electricity

I have made available the second part of atmospheric electricity, looking more in materials and structures and test in a closed environment for comparison and feasibility. The video is available under Movies and Atmospheric electricity. It is available for Gold and Silver Members. The direct link is here

Atmospheric electricity, part 1

Admin/ July 3, 2018/ Atmospheric Electricity

I have added the first part of the video of materials and structures to harness atmospheric electricity. This content is available for all metal members. You find it under movies and atmospheric electricity. The direct link is here