Admin/ January 25, 2021/ Wireless energy Transfer

I have uploaded the latest video of the scalar network but here we look at colliding vortices fields. I have a large section under movies I like you to review of vortices fields. It is important because the phenomenon we see is not direct explained in scientific papers. I use the same setup with the 20cm pancake coil but replace the pyramids with two original build pancake coils. I demonstrate what happen when we add a coil in the wound coil and opposite wound coil  direction based on the previous coil. From the right-hand rule, you would know at what wound direction the polarity of the coil is at each end. If we look very simple at it then we add two magnets to produce one strong magnet. Of course, we can add only opposite polarity to each other. You find the video under movies and in Vortices fields at the end. Basic members can purchase the video as well as Non-members.

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