Admin/ February 28, 2021/ Application Notes

I like to announce the availability of the next video in the scalar wave communication series. Here I test scalar communication in the nature. This test is crucial as it does expose shortcomings and details which I mentioned but could not prove before. The transport of energy for communication is in scalar fashion is not electromagnetic. That is clear now. The instant contact is between the two halves of a capacitor. That is what we deal here. The transverse propagation of EMF waves is time restricted by the speed of light. The ultimate test would be to test the communication with precise atom clocks as used for the gravitational impact on time. Where we show a time difference of a clock on a high mountain to the valley. My guess is we would not see any time delay but the opposite? The video is under movies, application notes and scalar wave communications at the bottom. Non-Members and Basic members can purchase the video.


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