Admin/ April 22, 2021/ Application Notes

I like to announce the availability of the latest video in the scalar network series. To simplify and to compare I have replaced the large receiver coil with a new built receiver coil with the same dimension as the transmitter coils. In addition to reduce complexity I use one signal source. Here a tight control of specifications of the coils is adamant for achieving success. A new phenomenon will appear which did puzzle me for days. A wave which appears and then collapses. Think of it as keeping your hands steady by pushing the same polarity of two strong magnets together. A strange idea came to my mind. It requires the control of synchronous initiation to ignite a nuclear warhead. A bit over the top my analogy but technically correct. You find the video under /movies/application-notes/scalar-network/ at the bottom. Non-Members and Basic Members can purchase the video.

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