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As promised, I give you the educational video in courses and electronic design. This video is available to Full and Basic members only. While I did spend years investigating the different amplifier types I only learned that instead of simplifying everything is becoming more and more complicated. Many of you asked me for amplification solutions for scalar wave systems. It was always in front of us. It is so simple, and everybody can build it. In this first video I demonstrate the principle. In my next video I add the Mosfet amplifier chips and drive to a very high value. With the components we already have we can comfortably build a 5 MHz amplifier in half bridge configuration but with out electronics pure analogue on the oscillation side. I created a new menu point under research, courses, and electronics Design. The link on any website is    research/courses/electronics-design/high-frequency-amplifier-for-scalar-wave-systems/


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