Admin/ August 13, 2021/ Radiant Energy

I give you an update of the current Electroculture project. I move from the pancake coils to Professor Konstantin Meyl’s pancake coils. I will start with a test script and follow the guideline outlined in his book Documentation of the Scalar wave technology. We experienced heating problems with the current setup and even with the Tesla coil as driver only a two-fold increase in power output was delivered. The Type “C” and Type “A” pancake coil work completely different together. The experience we had before is now changed. We should see much more power consumption but see only a 10th of the previous power consumption to a many folds power output on the receiving coils. You find the video when you click on the menu point Webinar. All other members can purchase the video.

I like also to mention that I produce, as we speak, a new video for the HF power amplifier. I noticed that we struggle with getting power through for scalar waves and found an elegant design which I do not see anywhere realised. I will bring this video to you on this weekend.


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