Admin/ September 29, 2021/ Performance Evaluation

I like to announce the availability of the latest video in the solar power infrastructure installation series. First, I must apologize for a typo I had for the link of the new menu point called Solar power infrastructure. It is under every domain under research, courses and you click then on electricity or select the menu page on the drop out on the right. Both videos are there for you to view. The link again /research/courses/electricity/solar-power-infrastructure/.

In this video I explain what PSoC and SoC is and why it is confusing when values are mentioned for battery charge level with reply from the support of EPEVER. I also give an overview of their software application for android to connect and control the inverter/charger via Wi-Fi. I mentioned in the video that my supplier stated that I will receive the railing for the solar panels today. I can confirm they just delivered it. It also seems not so bad to get the approval for the installation of the solar panels as only a written notification is required to the council. This video is only available to Basic and Full Members.

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