Established electricity production systems. Performance review of the Siemens Sinmatics V 20 Frequency Inverter. New video

Admin/ August 21, 2021/ Established electricity production systems

After long wait the Frequency inverter has finally arrived. Integrating the drive in my house electrical circuit did prove difficult. After having only very short time to study the device configuration I finally could get it working. The power from this device driving the 3-phase motor is extraordinary. A small

Resonance in biological entities part 3, New video

Admin/ August 13, 2021/ Radiant Energy

I give you an update of the current Electroculture project. I move from the pancake coils to Professor Konstantin Meyl’s pancake coils. I will start with a test script and follow the guideline outlined in his book Documentation of the Scalar wave technology. We experienced heating problems with the

Resonance in biological entities part 2. New video

Admin/ August 7, 2021/ Orgone/ QI energy

I have released the second part of biological entities for the webinar members. Here I focus on simplifying the use of devices. We require a power supply and various voltages. This can be achieved by using very low-cost bare bone power supplies and voltage step up and down converters. The