Admin/ July 8, 2021/ Established electricity production systems

I am happy to announce the release of the latest movie in the established electricity production systems series. One component was missing which I added to monitor the battery. This allows to see the full power distribution from source to sink. The components are connected in a smart network and sharing information which allows for the charger to adapt the charging pattern. While this system is a test system which I will move to production it is important to note that all this components can be used for any alternative energy producing system. We do not need to reinvent the wheel for that. The outstanding component for testing is the VFD or variable frequency drive which was ordered 2 month ago. Latest statement from Farnell was that I receive it on the 19 of July. I also did meet with a member which provided me with some subjects for testing I like to investigate. You find the video under /movies/established-electricity-producing-systems/. Non-members and Basic members can purchase the video.


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