Admin/ July 31, 2021/ Radiant Energy

I have posted a video update of the ongoing development in Electroculture. Last Years we worked on the Ebner Effect for the seeds but did not much involve the RF radiation or scalar waves. This year a full scope of scalar wave tests will be conducted and the influence of transmitting biological information. This video is available for Webinar members. You find the video when you click on the menu point “Webinar” on the bottom. This video can be purchased by all members or non – Members.


One information for the Full Members. The current situation of outstanding delivery of goods from Farnell is based on customs dispute with the distribution location in Germany. The main warehouse in England is not able currently to delivery any goods to Europe until this dispute is solved. I have not heard about any updates for my deliveries but will contact Farnell next week Monday. I am sorry for any inconvenience this did cause. I keep you posted.



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