Admin/ September 4, 2021/ Performance Evaluation

In this latest educational video, I like to demonstrate the performance of power mosfet in the pull – pull configuration. While I was able to show successful half bridge configuration many years ago in England on YouTube, the performance could not be increased above a certain value. The classic Half Bridge design has flaws from an impedance and performance point of view which makes it difficult to scale up. Even with more power added, the wave on the Tesla coil did not increase. In this video you will learn that simple works best. The components I use cost only 20-30 Euros and deliver 500 Watt of power. I exceed the benchmark of 200 Watt and after I produced the video, I could increase to 371 Watt without any problems. Well, my oscilloscope was not happy. The voltage probe was too close that the wave curve could not be displayed correctly anymore above 5 KV with a 2 KV voltage prove in a distance of 40 cm. This video is only for Basic and Full members. You find the video on any domain under research/courses/electronics-design/high-frequency-amplifier-for-scalar-wave-systems/. Next, I will go up to 500 Watt but will demonstrate outside of my house. I also think about a booster circuit to increase the voltage to the primary coil.

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