Admin/ September 9, 2021/ Performance Evaluation

I like to announce the availability of the next educational video in the course menu High frequency amplifier for scalar wave systems. For those who watched the previous video my last test did damage my high voltage probe from Keysight/ Agilent. I therefore moved the test into the garden and use a self-build voltage probe I should have used before. There are many voices stating the highest power delivery from a Tesla coil is at resonance. In my many tests I conducted as well as calculations this is not correct. In short, the highest impedance is at resonance and therefore the highest resistance. Current therefore cannot be highest at resonance but at the next higher harmonic. Using the spectrum analyser makes this very clear. This video is for Basic and Full Members only. You find the video under /research/courses/electronics-design/high-frequency-amplifier-for-scalar-wave-systems/.


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