Admin/ September 18, 2021/ Performance Evaluation

I like to announce the availability of the latest video in the High Frequency amplifier for scalar waves systems. We learned that heating of the components is a problem to deliver power but also that frequency in the high MHz range is not achievable. In this video I demonstrate the problems one faces with task at hand. Transistors and Mosfet do not talk to each other efficiency which means we have to approach the subject completely different. The difference is not the circuity but the selection of the right components. You find the video under /research/courses/electronics-design/high-frequency-amplifier-for-scalar-wave-systems/. This video is only available for Basic and Full Members.


I also like to inform you that I have started with collection of components for a full scale Solar voltaic system in my technical room. The batteries I was using are not good, so I decided to exchange all components to the maximum capacity for the roof of the building. That is 4 times 375 watts. This is feeding into a 3 KW charger inverter with peak capacity of 6 KW. I selected the maximum battery bank of 4 times 100 A 12 Volts batteries connected in series to 24 Volts. Deliver 200 A of current to the inverter. The system is off and on Grid and I install a fast-switching power systems in case of a power outage from the electricity provider. I will document every step of the development starting tomorrow with building the battery rack. I also have converted the technical room and removed all the old water storage components and did change the plumbing for the deliver of the water direct from the well to the garden.


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