Admin/ August 7, 2021/ Orgone/ QI energy

I have released the second part of biological entities for the webinar members. Here I focus on simplifying the use of devices. We require a power supply and various voltages. This can be achieved by using very low-cost bare bone power supplies and voltage step up and down converters. The benchtop power supply is first costly and second consumes a lot of power we do not want to spend. This is very important for our growing projects were many of such devices are deployed. You still need a multimeter to read out the voltages, but it cost you not more than 25 Euro. The second subject is the power delivery and the heating concern. I demonstrate how we can use a different transmitting coil and as receiver the pancake coils. This video is available for purchase for all other members and Non-members. You find the video when you click on the menu point Webinar


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