Scalar wave communication options part 7, Superheterodyne versus TRF receiver, IF Amplifier, active bandpass filter and quartz crystal oscillator test video

Admin/ March 29, 2021/ Application Notes

I happy to announce the release of the next video in the scalar wave communications series. We learn about the difference of Superheterodyne receiver and TRF receiver. I demonstrate the function of the IF Amplifier. We have an active band-pass filter and a test circuit for quartz crystal oscillators. To

Scalar wave communication options part 1, new video

Admin/ February 20, 2021/ Application Notes

I like to announce a new category and movie under Application notes in Movies. It is called Scalar wave communication. I have released now the first part of scalar wave communication options part 1. This subject was mentioned by many in the past to bring it up. It is related

Class E amplifier and solenoid shaped coils 2, new video

Admin/ February 13, 2021/ Application Notes

I have made available the latest video under application notes of the scalar network. We test the previous build Class E amplifier with the two solenoids. You learn about the restrictions when working with Class E amplifier in terms of frequency used and what the real power is which is