Next Generation Coil Design, Part 5

Admin/ April 17, 2018/ Performance Evaluation

I like to announce the availability of the next video in the NG coil design series. Here I test two Caduceus coils and their output performance. The coil requested for the build will be part of it. I also apply various optimization options available. Impedance matching, magnetic core influence, and asynchronous output

Next Generation Coil design, Part 3 movie released

Admin/ February 26, 2018/ Performance Evaluation

I happy to announce the release of the third part of the next Generation coil design. In this video I will look at the overall performance of coil systems including the power delivery from the signal generator. While the overall performance of the coil from input to output is COP

M-088, performance evaluation

Admin/ January 26, 2018/ Performance Evaluation

I have released the next video of the test series of ferrite cores. This is the M-088 nanoper core from Magnetec. It is a filter core with extraordinary performance values at higher power values. It shows in self triggered mode like the Joule Thief or the LED driver circuit very

N30 core, performance evaluation

Admin/ January 24, 2018/ Performance Evaluation

I have released the next video of my testing series of the anomalies of ferrite cores. I test the N30 core which has outstanding performance levels where all loads perform very well. The video is available under Movies and the direct link for Gold members is here TheOldScientist